The Three Little Men

The Three Little Men

Once upon a time, there were three little men.  Along with those little men was their mom and dad and two naughty kitties. They all lived together in a great purple house, in the far away land of Minnesota. Mom was a designer, politician and cook. Dad was a firefighter, Realtor, hockey player and snowboarder. Together they lived happily, although the little men would sometimes fight. Mom and dad loved each other very much. The little men each have their own favorite things. Mom and dad want the little men to be themselves and not let others tell them what to like. One of the little men loves the color blue and cars, firetrucks and spaceships. One of the little men loves the colors pink, purple, silver and teal, unicorns, pokemon and batman. And, one of the little men just loves cuddles all day long. Mom and dad teach The Three Little Men to treat everyone with kindness and love.

The three little men is an homage to our little men's personalities, our family's beliefs, empathy and compassion towards our fellow humans.  

Each product has special meaning in some way. 

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