Investing in the Future - Quality Time with our Kids.

Investing in the Future - Quality Time with our Kids.

It occurred to me recently that I need to take more time, one-on-one, with each of the three boys. The youngest is always pulling me into his room, wanting to share his little world with me, the middle kiddo is vying for attention through naughty quips and sound effects, and the oldest is hitting an age where sharing our day and keeping open lines of communication with zero judgement is integral to their development.

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find the time to spend with your children. However, spending quality time with your kids is an important part of parenting. It helps build strong relationships and provides a nurturing environment for your children to grow and develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It also encourages personal development and can have a positive impact on their home life.

Playtime is an important part of this process as it allows children to express themselves in a safe environment while having fun at the same time. Taking the time to spend one-on-one with your kids can help create meaningful connections that will last a lifetime. Why should parents play with their kids? Playing with your children is one of the most important ways to create a loving, trusting, and healthy relationship. It allows us to interact freely and reconnect in an activity that brings us joy. It is an opportunity for parents to teach their children by example and model healthy behaviors that they hope they will adopt.

Parenting is a lifelong journey that requires an immense amount of dedication and effort. Fortunately, it also provides parents with an opportunity to teach their children valuable lessons and lead by example. With the right guidance and modeling, children can learn important healthy behaviors that they can carry into adulthood. Parents play an integral role in helping to shape their child’s development and set them up for success in life.

More than just fun, playing with your child can help them learn valuable skills such as social skills and self-care through activities like games. Setting aside one night dedicated to family game night can help strengthen your relationship, provide guidance in times of stress, and build family values.

Parenting is a rewarding experience, and playing with your child is one of the best ways to bond. Not only can playtime be fun for both parent and child, but it can also have educational benefits. Through creative activities like games and pretend play, children can learn important skills such as social skills, self-care, problem solving and more. By providing a safe space for your children to explore their creativity through playtime, you can help nurture their development and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Remember, to your children, you are their safe space. Home is a feeling of safety and security, a place of comfort and love. For children, home is their parents – the people who protect them, provide for them, and give them unconditional love. No matter where they are in the world, children need to know that their parents will always be there for them as their safe space.

Creating a zero judgement environment is key to building a lasting relationship between parent and child. It enables open communication, understanding, and trust between both parties. It allows parents to provide guidance without fear of criticism or judgement. It also allows children to learn and grow in an environment that is free of criticism and fosters healthy relationships for years to come.

Raising children is an incredibly difficult and complex task. Every child is unique and there is no single formula for “good parenting.” It’s important to remember that each of your children are their own individual selves with their own likes, dislikes, and desires. As a parent, it’s important to respect these differences while providing guidance and support to help your children reach their full potential. It’s also important to remember that every child will grow and change as they age, and so will you as a parent. We are always growing as an individual and should encourage our children to embrace the growth within each of us.

Sometimes that growth means growing apart, and that’s okay. Sometimes growth leads to healthy boundaries and better recognition of ones’ self, leading to healthier relationships and a happier life. All of this starts with the building blocks and lessons we instill in our children. The main point is that we need to be honest and open with our kids about the struggles we go through as parents. We should acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them, but more importantly we should model healthy behavior for them so they can follow suit in their own relationships. Our children are watching us, so let’s give them the best example of how to be a great parent! Remember, there’s no time like the present.


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