Holiday Mayhem: The Reality of Parenting Three Young Boys

Holiday Mayhem: The Reality of Parenting Three Young Boys

     As parents, the holidays can be both a joy and a challenge. We love having our kids around for more than the usual couple of days a week and savor watching their eyes light up when they open their presents on Christmas morning. But then the chaos that ensues after the holidays conclude is enough to make us count the minutes before seeing them off on the first day of school after winter break!

 Having three boys under 10 in our house is pure chaos most of the time. Messes, fights, laughter - all co-exist together like a hurricane spinning around our home. With holiday vacation gone by and school on its way back in session, things don't seem to slow down but rather spiral further out of control! Our sons no longer recognize bedtime (and let's not even get started about nap times!) as the fun games and gifts fill up each day. And with that comes every imaginable mess possible - broken toy parts and papers spread throughout every corner of our house!

 My heart swells with love when I look at my 3 boys in their complete craziness yet I'm thankful that they are heading back to school so order can slowly start returning to our household once again. After all, it won't be long before we miss this beautiful chaos - until next year!



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