Shop Local or Die

Shop Local or Die

 Shop Local or Die

Have you shopped at a local small business lately? Have you seen your favorite shop reduce hours, reduce employees or close completely? Perhaps you've seen less print ads from stores you used to see market weekly. Perhaps there seems to be less and less new inventory appearing, less deliveries and sparser displays. Sure, some of that can still be attributed to supply chain issues; but is that the whole story?

In a nationwide poll, 62% of Americans said they witnessed their favorite small business close since COVID, with the lingering effects still felt by those remaining. The hardest hit being cafes, retail stops, game shops, and book stores. For those that were eligible for and received PPP and/or EIDL loans, they got much needed help, but the help has run out.

Inflation and despite what we're told a recession has hit, keeping many travelers from spending or taking trips at all. This leaves the small businesses scrambling with scary bottom lines and bills, employees and invoices to pay. Even the Targets and Walmarts haven't escaped the unpredictable territory we have found ourselves in.

In that same survey, over 70% of the population wants to see their local small businesses thrive and survive, with questions as to how to help. Quite simply, make a conscious effort to shop local first, rediscover your local shops and your own city, is the best thing we small businesses could ask for right now. 

We still put on our smiling faces and greet you just the same. Just know, some of us are barely hanging on and deserve the same kind treatment.


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